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Inspired by the Tech Community, Inspiring the Tech Community.

The BC Tech Association is guided by our mission to make BC the best place to grow a tech company. For more than 20 years, BC Tech (formerly the BCTIA) has been providing opportunities for the tech industry to collaborate, learn, and grow together. We are dedicated to connecting companies, developing talent, sharing stories, and advocating on behalf of tech companies to keep our industry thriving.

Since our founding in 1993, the tech industry has quintupled to nearly $25 billion in revenue. In that time, we have played a privileged role in supporting the growth of the tech community that now includes over 9,000 companies, employing more than 90,000 people, and that has been one of the strongest contributors to BC’s economic growth over the past decade.

We serve as a platform to grow the tech ecosystem, building programs and initiatives that uphold our core values: Be of Service, Succeed Together, Pay it Forward.

Blog | BC Tech Blog, Tech News | January 09 2017

Is B.C.'s tech sector about to hit a wall? Supply of top tier talent tight

(The Vancouver Sun) The breathless headlines trumpeting the expansion of B.C.’s tech sector miss an uncomfortable truth: We aren’t able to supply enough qualified graduates to populate fast-growing firms and startups.
Blog | BC Tech Blog, Spotlight on Tech | January 09 2017

Spotlight on...Istuary Innovation Group

This week's Spotlight on Tech features Istuary Innovation Group, a Canadian technology company that focuses on high-barrier technologies, moving from digital solutions to intelligent solutions. Istuary’s vision is to “connect local technology to global markets” known as glocalization.Read on to learn more..
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