Be in charge of your own career path, develop your skills, and change the world with your work. #aspiretotech

There is no one path to finding a career that you love—trial and error are part of the process. But what if you could work in an industry where you aren’t limited to one job? Where you can try different roles until you find the one that fits you. 

Over the next five years, there will be over forty thousands tech jobs in BC that will need to be filled. Plus, you’ll be working in a super-cool industry that is transforming the world. Tech is waiting for you.

"We are in an era of digital transformation. Most industries are in a steady state, however technology is the one industry with massive growth and massive potential. Technology is the future, and it is disrupting all businesses. Because of this, this is where huge opportunity for youth lies."
Ryan Holmes|Founder and CEO of Hootsuite

"British Columbia is an emerging global tech hub, creating tremendous opportunity for today’s youth. They have the power to drive innovation across industries and change the way we live."
Edoardo De Martin | Director of Microsoft Vancouver

"There is a global war on talent. To win, we recognized the importance of building a strong home team - and ensuring that we create the foundations for the next generation of talent."
Bill Tam | President and CEO of the BC Tech Association


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