FinTech Series

Welcome to the Future of FinTech.

We are living in a time of intense digital disruption; from how you hail a cab, to where you stay on vacation, technology is fundamentally altering industries. The next frontier in this shifting landscape is financial technology, more commonly referred to as FinTech. According to a report by global consultancy, McKinsey & Co., "Banks could lose up to 60 per cent of their retail profits to nimble FinTech firms within the next decade."

For more details on the needs of BC's FinTech Cluster, check out the BC Tech FinTech Report.

The Series

Building Vancouver's FinTech Cluster.

British Columbia is home to a vibrant FinTech cluster of close to 100 companies, nearly one-third of which are less than five years old. In light of this, we've designed a series to support FinTech companies that are growth-stage and beyond, and to connect them with financial institutions, investors, and partners.

The BC Tech FinTech Series is a combination of open activities available to the entire community, and curated experiences specific to growth-stage financial technology companies. The core areas of support include FinTech Days, coaching and expertise, as well as connections and community building.

FinTech Days

  • The flagship of the series: we will gather our FinTech community for a mixture of connections, demos from FinTech startups, education, collaboration or community-wide social events sponsored by our partners.


  • We have a curated mix of Functional Leaders and Executives from our founding partners and other firms. These experts, in addition to our Executives-in-Residence, are available to help solve real problems in your business and open doors to new opportunities.


  • Combining formal Connection Days, our network of experts, and the help of international trade partners (such as BC MIT and GAC), we are committed to introducing and connecting FinTech companies with customers and investors.

Want to Get Involved?

Become a part of the BC Tech FinTech Series

The FinTech Series is a mix of invite-only opportunities and open community events.

To learn more, including how to gain access to curated opportunities, contact Stacey Wallin, Senior Program Manager, at


Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

The definition is fairly loose, but we think of it as companies that either directly deliver financial services through digital means, or technologies that enable financial services companies to succeed.

Some elements of the program are reserved for Growth-stage FinTech companies, while others (eg. evening events) are available for everyone with an interest in FinTech.

The BC Tech FinTech Series is made possible by our generous Series Partners: Central 1 Credit Union, Coast Capital Savings, FICANEX Services, and HSBC Bank Canada

BC Tech FinTech Series Partners

Thank you to our generous partners for your support in making this program possible.
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